Hurd's, Inc.

Located in Harrisburg Oregon, in the USA. Hurd's offers a full service hardware store, machine
and steel fabrication shop. Started in 1947 by Roscoe & Elinor Hurd, we are still locally
owned and operated.

Committed to quality products and service, Hurd's is proud to help customers worldwide
with a variety of products and services...

Whether it be for the homeowner doing weekend chores, the local farmer working on
equipment or industrial repair, products for mills & production businesses's, we are here
with the products people need at competitive prices.

We are also happy to take the time to locate hard to find items... With over 100 combined
years of knowledge and experience, the staff at Hurd's can find it... And if we can't find it,
we will build it to your specifications, to meet your needs.


Hurds Custom Machinery, Inc.

Since 1947, we have been building specialized equipment for agriculture, industry, law
enforcement and fire protection. Your ideas can become reality with just a phone call to
our shop, where no project is too big or too small!


Breaking News Announcement
* Photo of M107 155mm IED being detonated in April 2011 during testing. The Hurd's Bomb Transport Trailer successfully contained the explosion of this device. There was no penetration of the outer chamber or markings on 8' tall witness boards placed around trailer. Trailer was in towable condition and towed from test site in Eastern Oregon back to our shop in Harrisburg Oregon. A second unit was tested and successfully contained repetitive blasts of 21 lb TNT equivalent. Contact Hurd's for more information.


Fun Fact!

This is a picture of what must have
been one of the first carrot diggers Grandpa Hurd built. A wild guess
puts this in the early 50's.

We built these until the mid 1980's
and sold them in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California and Arizona.


Carrot Digger

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